Vincent van Gelder


For Students

Being active as a performer is an essential part of my life as a teacher.  I have taught over 200 students, adults and children, since 1999. Students I taught at University level (Duke University), master classes in several countries, Summer Camps (UNCG), a music store, a day school, St. Mary's Music Academy, and privately. Over the years, I have had many successful students. Several have won in state-wide competitions, played several times at the ‘most talented kids of NC’ portion of the Focus on Piano Literature Conference at UNCG, the MTNA State Conference, and even in showcases at Carnegie Hall. They have won first places at consistently at several of the piano competitions in the Triad, including the Kotis piano competition, and the Triad Young Artist Piano Competition. Several of my younger students have moved on to study piano at the College level. My strength as a teacher comes from a vast knowledge of literature, degrees not only in performance, but also in piano pedagogy, the ability to inspire my students to play, and the skill to spot specific problems in a student’s playing immediately.

My approach to teaching is to work with children and adults of all ages towards their goals, using material we can both agree on.  This is important as some works will be difficult enough to require longer periods of work.  A student only get's the best out of his/her talent if they are sufficiently inspired.  I do require students to become skilled in reading, harmony, analysis.  This will help them to understand the score better, and thus memorize it easier.  I offer two recitals per year for students to perform at.  Competitions can be done but I do need to approve first.  My study plan is flexible as some students want to be the best in the world but others want to just play for fun.